hands relaxed on his thighs. Cudyk said, "If I were a believer,

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Slayers--lo! it was afire. Nada shrank back in fear, but Umslopogaas

hands relaxed on his thighs. Cudyk said,

and Galazi dragged her on. They rushed at the blazing fence, smiting

hands relaxed on his thighs. Cudyk said,

with axe and club. It broke before them, they were through but little

hands relaxed on his thighs. Cudyk said,

harmed. Without were a knot of the Slayers, standing back a small

space because of the heat of the flames. The Slayers saw them, and

crying, "This is Bulalio, kill the wizard!" sprang towards them with

uplifted spears. Now the People of the Axe made a ring round Nada, and

in the front of it were Umslopogaas and Galazi. Then they rushed on



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